Interviews and readings

In conversation with Max Lobe

Reading of the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Interview with Ros Schwartz: Jefferson by Jean-Claude Mourleva


On translating Tahar ben Jelloun:


Interview on translating Max Lobe’s A Long Way from Douala

Translating Women

Ros Schwartz on the craft of literary translation



A Translator's Brexit Lament

Britain’s membership of the EU has defined the contours of my life. In 1974, I dropped out of university in England and ran away to Paris. Because the United Kingdom had just joined the European Economic Community (as it was then), I was able to obtain a precious Carte de séjour and a Carte de sécuritésociale, which allowed me to live and work in Paris...

“How Long Will It Take You to Type this in English?”

There seems to be a commonly held belief (among translators, publishers, and readers alike) that the more books you translate, the faster you become.

Yes, I really was once asked this question! A Freudian slip that reveals how translation is sometimes seen as “typing in another language.”...

Between the Covers”, Context no. 20

Czech novelist Milan Kundera was being interviewed on the publication of his latest work to appear in translation. The journalist remarked: “I see you’ve completely changed your style in this latest novel.” Kundera replied: “No, I changed translator.”...